Translation and Editing

Do you need another set of eyes on your writing?

I offer editing and Spanish-English translation of academic and art texts.

Specialized Experience

I have wide-ranging experience editing texts by native and non-native English speakers. I work directly with authors as well as with publishers, cultural institutions, and the editors of collected volumes. I have worked on everything from to early modern cultural studies to contemporary ecocriticism. I edit and read widely in the humanities, particularly in the areas of Spanish and Latin American literary studies, cultural studies, criticism, and theory.

I edit in accordance with various style guides, including MLA and Chicago, and I can follow the guidelines of your publisher or journal. I will provide you with a style sheet tailored to your project.

Flexible Editing

My goal is to produce the most polished version of your writing possible, maintaining your voice and keeping your audience in mind. I do copyediting and more extensive line editing, depending on your needs. The revision process can be as collaborative as you’d like, and I welcome projects of any size.

If English is not your first language, I will not only correct grammatical and syntactical errors and typos, I can address questions of style and content and help you with usage and conventions suited to different contexts. I can note the connotations and nuances of your word choice and offer various options for revising sentences when appropriate.

I am available to answer any questions about edits to your writing, and we will remain in touch until you are satisfied with the final product.


I have translated academic talks and lectures, book chapters, journal articles, book proposals, and conference abstracts on topics ranging from literature, and visual art to politics, sociology, and more. I have experience with everything from Inquisition-era documents to recent writing on contemporary art, and I enjoy researching and becoming acquainted with new topics as part of the translation process.

My translations of narrative nonfiction, poetry, and short fiction have appeared in Huck
, jubilat, and Precog Magazine, while my translations of art and cultural texts have appeared on the website of the Tabakalera Cultural Center, in the 2017 Venice Biennale catalog, in e-misférica, and elsewhere.