“I have known Tess for six years and during that time she has edited, proofread, and translated several documents for me, including the documents I used for my job applications, two academic articles that were published this year, one article that will come out in an edited volume this summer, and, most recently, my doctoral dissertation. In every case, she has proven to be exceptional. I have never met anyone who does things the way she does; her attention to detail, dedication, sense of responsibility, and knowledge are unparalleled. She is attentive not only to your editing needs but also your needs as a writer; she will go into detailed explanations of her choices if you need her to, work with you during the brainstorming and writing stage if you also need help with that, and make sure that everything is perfect before she sends you back your materials. Furthermore, she always leaves you comments with different options for you to think about, which shows not only how considerate she is but also how great she is at respecting subtleties in meaning in both English and Spanish, and how much effort she puts into making sure that what you say is what you mean. I was truly amazed to see the results of her editing of my dissertation; all my arguments and ideas became ten times clearer after she worked on the document, and I very much enjoyed the conversations we had about them, which helped me prepare for my defense. I have recommended her to several friends, who have come to her for help with both academic and literary texts, and all of them have been as amazed and grateful as I have been. You would be hard-pressed to find a better, more efficient, and kinder editor; personally, I know I could never trust anybody else with my work.”

—Irina R. Troconis, Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies, Cornell University

El Iluminado: Ilan Stavans and the Incongruity of the Antihero” in Stavans Unbound

Deborah Castillo: Radical Disobedience

“Tess proofread and helped me edit several documents in English, from academic articles to job applications and even a literary piece. She was just great in each of these genres and formats. Her combination of quality, organization, and speed was exactly what I was looking for. Tess can help you improve not only grammar but also your writing style. If you are looking to edit academic texts, don’t hesitate a second to work with her, especially in language and literature-related fields or in the humanities in general. Tess has the knowledge to understand what you are talking about and help you say it in the best way possible. In my case, her knowledge of Spanish also allowed her to immediately grasp some very subtle and specific content that I had originally thought through in that language. One of the things I liked the most about her way of working is that every time she found an error or something that didn’t sound right in my texts, she would respond with several options to correct it and there was always one or even two that were beautifully written and conveyed exactly what I had in mind. Last but not least, Tess is a very sweet and encouraging person with whom I felt very comfortable working. In addition to helping you modify or rewrite some parts of your texts, she will also highlight positive aspects in them. Sometimes the process of revising and editing your own texts may make you feel insecure or vulnerable, but Tess handles these issues admirably. I’m really glad I found Tess and I hope other people will benefit from working with her.”

—Germán Garrido, Assistant Professor, Borough of Manhattan Community College

“He tenido la oportunidad de contar con Tess Rankin en varios ensayos, académicos y literarios. Hemos trabajado por email y en encuentros ocasionales para las últimas etapas de la traducción, y sus calendarios de entregas se cumplen siempre en el tiempo acordado. Además de un dominio perfecto de ambas lenguas, su trabajo no pierde de vista el tono del texto original y consigue pasarlo al inglés en el mismo estilo —por lo general, las posibilidades de posponer una solución dependen más de la indecisión del autor para dejar clara una intención que del registro de matices posibles que Tess devuelve—. Todas sus decisiones se guían atentamente por el sentido del texto y por la fluidez de su traducción, con especial atención a los detalles de la prosa, la sonoridad y el acabado de una edición definitiva según el uso al que esté destinado el material.”

—Osdany Morales, PhD, NYU

“This is what Havana’s growing Wifi revolution looks like” Huck Magazine

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